PiiR Consulting provides social and cultural research services. It designs, manages, and undertakes community-based and community-driven research projects ranging from native title, Indigenous land rights and compensation research to cultural value and social impact assessments. It also facilitates background research for community projects. In PiiR, qualitative methodology and interpretative research support communities in identifying, organising, and sharing their collective voice. PiiR values attention to detail and undertakes high quality research in support of social and cultural sustainability, and human development.

PiiR also assits with community engagement, consultation, evaluation of approach and finding innovative solutions in culturally sensetive,  trauma informed and healing centered social projects.

PiiR stands for Professional Independent Indigenous Research. The term PiiR means Elder in the Farsi (Persian) language and the name reflects that PiiR Consulting respects people’s own knowledge, authority and experience, and values deep listening and ensuring that all voices have been heard and taken into account meaningfully.

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